Blackjack Strategy Table Explained

Blackjack Strategy Table Explained

H = Hit (Draw Card)

S = Support (stop)

DD = Double Down

SP = Partition (Split)

What is divided into blackjack?

When the player is dealt two cards of the same value, he is called »Pair». This gives you the option to divide. The two partner cards are separated and pushed apart by the dealer. You must place a second bet equal to the original bet. You will then receive an additional card for each of the two membership cards. Now you play two hands separately and you have the same options as at the beginning of the game: surrender, split, double, stand or tie.

So you have two chances to win or lose the dealer. Knowing when pairs need to be split at blackjack is crucial for high-level play. And best of all, since there are only ten card values, it’s not difficult to remember what to do in every situation.

  • Always split aces and 8s
  • Never share 5s and 10s
  • Split 2 and 3 against 4-7
  • Divide 4 by 5 and 6
  • Split 6 vs. 2-6
  • Split 7 vs. 2-7
  • Split 9er vs. 2-9 (except 7!)


  • 9 against 3-6
  • 10 against everything but 10 or Ace
  • 11 against everything but an ace
  • A2 (Soft 13) or A3 (Soft 14) against 5 and 6
  • As & 4 (Soft 15) and As & 5 (Soft 16) against 4 – 6
  • Ace and 6 (Soft 17) and Ace and 7 (Soft 18) against 3 – 6

HIT OR STAND: When to draw or stop a card in Blackjack

  • 11 or less: always pull
  • the stop
  • pull12
  • against 4 – 6, otherwise pull the stop
  • 13 – 16: Stop against 2 – 6, otherwise, shoot
  • 17 or more: stop
  • Always pull soft hands from A3 to A6 (14 to 17 soft)
  • A7 (Soft-18) stops, except against 9, 10 or Ace of the bank
  • A8 (soft 19) always stops

What is the difference between »hard» and »soft»? Hands?

For beginners to blackjack, the technical terms can be a bit confusing. For example, it is called »soft and hard hands» (soft and total hard hands). These are the types of hands you can get from the dealer in each round, so you need to know exactly what that means before playing for money at a casino blackjack table.

The difference between a “hard” and a “soft” Hand in Blackjack is a card: the ace.

An ace is less likely to overbought (break). So hands with an ace are considered “soft” (soft). If you are over 21 years old with a soft hand, the ace the impact and is counted as 1, so you can take another card or stop directly.

The dealer draws cards until he is at least 17. However, if the dealer has a soft 17, there is a special rule in some casinos that the dealer must also roll again with a soft 17 until he has a hard 17.

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